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pressure building in. we'll have an abundance of sunshine for today. tomorrow we'll have a lot of sunshine as wel but a lot warmer tomorrow. today's temperatures will climb into up the 70s to 23450er8 degrees but tomorrow i suspect we'll be back up into the mid-80s. last gasp summer like weather as we get into the month of september. no complaints. not to mention we'll have your football forecast coming up. >> from oklahoma to maryland. >> what's that? okay. thank you, chuck. we're following breaking news right now out of prince william county. police are investigating an attempted murder suicide. it all went down in a townhouse community in the 15700 block of widewater drive in montclar, virginia. he died she survived. no word on her condition. if you're near ronald reagan
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washington national airport this morning you may notice lot was emergency vehicles, maybe even some smoke there. no need to worry. this isll part of an ergency drill. "news4 today" derrick ward jones us from. ronald reagan washington national airport with how this drill wl play out and if it's affecting travel. >> reporter: you know, a lot of planning went into this event today, but already there's smoke and flames. every indication it will dafbt. that'swhat the planners wanted. now i want to step out of the way and get a look. about 100 vmts will take part. the scenario that will unfold is a plane crash on approach to ronald reagan washington national airport. it hits cars and shuttle bus on the ground. the are injuries and some folks wind up in thepotomac. this nightmare scenario is all about being prepared should the unthinkable me about. this is a mandatory drill we do it every three years. it involves a full scale response. everybody playing roles from the accident viims to the families that would come to see them to
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the incidents responders themselves both on and off airport. >> what happens after the drill? what do you do? do you go over how thing went? what changes need to be made? >> at that lot of planning goes into this exercise. it's designed to give us hands on experience in the unlikely event this would ever happen. we can get in there and save lives. >> as y can see they set the fuselage ablaze as we speak. folks who may be landing may be getting quite a view of this information or this exercise that's going on here. we've be telling fos all week this would b going on so don't antibiotic lance armstrong if you do see it and maybe some passengers arriving willave quite a story to tell and you can fll them in on what's going on here. it will not affect travel or operations at the airport. we're at one othe outlying parking lots where this is going on. this start ad few seconds ago and due to go on until 11:00 a.m. this morning. at the other end they hope to be prepared for t unthinkable, be
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prepared and hope they never have to use those preparation skills. back to you. some pretty impressive imagery. the man accused of being a serial stabber will be charged with murder. on monday prosecutors in flint, michigan plan to announce new charges against elias abuelazam. so far elias abuelazam has only been charged with assault with intent to murder. he is also a suspect in two stabbings and a hammer attack in northern virginia and another stabbing in ohio. a traffic accident appears to have taken the life of a 17-month-old boy in silver spring, maryland. police s he died after getting tangled in a dripry cord. officers say a call from the child's mother brought rescuers to the northamptonton apartments yesterday morning. investigators think the child
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got out of his crib and got his neck caught in the cord. officials performed cpr and then rushed the child to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. no signs of foul play and looking into that's an accidental death. police in prince george's county maryland said the shooting death of a hyattsville teen may have been gang related. was 17. medics found him shot at aark thursday night on nicholson street and rushed him to hospital where he died. he lived a few blocks away. so far no arrests. two men held hostage in a standoff at the discovery building saying they are trying to emotionally recover from the ordeal. jim mcnulty and kevin wood describe their escape. lee walked into the building strapped with explosives. mcnulty and wood were two of three hostages ordered to the ground. lee threatened to kill himself and everyone around him.
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after hours in tt lobby the to plotted their run with hand gestures and whispers. >> i started counting down a little bit, put one finger down in a got nervous and the gunman w looking at me so i put it back up. i hesitated. i counted down again. went down ro. i looked back up at jim, i looked back at the gunman and he was look right at me. as soon as he looked down at the phone, i dropped my arms and ook off running for the same door that it came in. >> ran towards the circle and got around behind the little half wall that's there. did a baseball slide to get low bause you started to hear the pop, pop, pop. just got down like this. and, you know, thank god. >> once outside police handcuffed the two hostages until they could be identified as victims. they didn't mind being cuffed they we happy to be alive.
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they both say they will go back to work eventually but not quite ready yet. polce have released the 911 calls mde by people who witnessed the shooting and standoff inside johns hopkins hospital a couple of days ago. jackie bensen shows us many calls came from those who deal with emergencies every day. >> shooting in the hallway. >> wehad a shooting on the floor. >> how many people have been shot. >> one person. >> reporter: the 911 calls described the fear that envelopedthe eighth floor of what's known as the nelson wing of johns hopkins hospital in baltimore on thsday. callers provide valuable information topolice, quickly relaying that ahysician later identified as dr. david cohen appeared to be only ctim. >> there was a gun shooting on nelsoning eighth. >> how many shots did you hear? >> one. i was standing right there and the physician went down. >> reporter: o call came from a terrifiedpatient's room.
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>> i'm in room 877. they are trying to keep our door shut tight. >> we'll get officers down there. we'll see if anyone is actually shot. >> no. but the nurses are out there. they are saying get a stretcher fast. >> reporter: one caller provide critical information that helped s.w.a.t. tea officers to the right place. he still might be in his mother's room. he's still in the hospital. >> reporter: at a press conference the police commissioner was asked how a gun made it to the eighth floor. >> very small weapon. the whole thing could be concealed in the palm of your hand. so in terms of recognizing an armed gunman and all of those things that people will think aboutt would present a big challenge. >> reporter: jackie bensen, news 4. police are still analyzing what motivated paul pardus of arlington, virginia to kill his aing mother and then turn the
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gun on himself. dr. david cohen is recovering after surgery for the gunshot wound. we got a traffic alert for area drivers this morning. two bridges carrying traffic in and out of the dirict will be cloebsed that will weekend as part of long term repair projects. the frederick douglas bridge which goes over the anacostia river closed last night. it will reopen monday morning. chain bridge also closed last night and will reopen as well monday morning. still ahead neighbors on aler in northern virginia after almost 50 burglaries happened in the last month alone. the parents of the washington state girl behind the id hoax speak out. you may be surp
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. welcome back. 44 burglaries and robberies in
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less than a month. they stretch from mclean to reston. police say one man could be respoible for all of them. darcy spencer explains how he's getting easy access. >> reporter: residents of the oak brook communitiein fairfax county have felt so safe many neighbors didn't lock their doors or windows. a recent rash of burglaries have shattered their peace of mind. >> it ppened once or twice we thought okay. t they keep coming back. that's what's getting kind of alarming. >> reporter: police believe one crimin is responsible for 44 burglaries, thefts from cars and unlawful entries since august 24th. they say he steals wallets and purses for the cash. >> informion we're receiving from the neighborhood and his typical method of operation that lead to us believe it's one person. >> reporter: ken found his neighbor's purse in his yard. >> the only thing they had taken was the cash. credit cards and drivers license
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was there. they took the cash and dropped everything and took off. >> we just moved into the local area. one of the reasons we liked this area because it seemed like a safeeighborhood. you know, low crime rate. good schools. that type of neighborhood. it's very surprising >> reporter: police say the burglar enters cars and homes through unlocked doors. an in the middle of the night. >> we told residents to lock up their possessions, keep their lights on. be vigilante about strange cars in the communiy. >> reporter: darcy spencer, "news4 today." the shorfallout continues in washington state as a woman who claims she was attacked with acid admits she made the whole thing up. she is recovering fr severe burns to her face. investigators say there were holes in her story aut a random woman tossing acid in her face. soon after they got a warrant to
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h her parents' home she confessed to makinthe story up. her parents spoke to the media yesterday and said their daughter's hopes might be the result of psychological problems. >> there were no signs and, you know, we really don't know why at this point, but it's our hope that the medical community can find answers. and she's obviously dealing with some deep internal emotional and psychological pblems we had no knowledge of and we hope she will get t help she needs. we're going to be there for her. >> the parents said all the money that was donated to their daughr's relief fun will be returned immediately. as for the police investigation, she could be charged with filing a false police report. polling places across afghanistan are officially open this hurricane warning for the country's parliamentary elections. 2,500 candidates are running for 249 seats. it's the first vote since last year's fraud marched
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presidential elections and will be a test of the afghan's ability to conduct a fair and safe election. insurgents have already launched several rocket attacks on kabul and kandahar haended occupant leaflets warning of more attacks those who choose to vote or work at polling places. 9:15. if you're just waking up or just back from vacation, gorgeous morning outside. not bad. >> absolutely. >> chuck bell is here to spread the good news. snoomb was on vacation last weekend. we're all back. back to school. a great weekend to be back at work. nonetheless a complete check of the weekend's forect is coming right up.
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[ male announcer ] new inventory. ♪ new equipment. new trucks. new hires. ♪ new space. ♪ new markets. hievement seizes new opportunity. go to to see how we can help your cash flow situatio pnc. for the achiever in us all. outgoing d.c. mayor fent says he'll not run for re-election on the republican ticket. that want statement came after d.c. board of elections announced friday that fenty won
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the stipulate's gop primary as a write in candidate. fenty lost tuesday's democratic primary to d.c. council chair vincent gray. earlier this week fent jip says he has no plansto run against gray as a write in candidate. meanwhile alaska senator lisa murkowski is facing the same battle after losing the republican primary but murkowski announced yesterday she will run for re-election as a write in candidate. she's running against democrat scott mcams morgan and joe miller who is endorsed by sarah palin and other tea party activists. she's facing long odds. historians and election officials say they can't think of one major alaskan candidate who has won as a write in candidate. two political rallies schedule next month will take on a snarky tone opinion jon stewart is planning a rally to restore sanity on saturday october 30th. in response to glenn beck's restoring honor rally last
9:20 am
month. st says it's geared towards people who think shouting is annoying. then steven colbert is added to the mix, he's calling his rally the march to keep fear alive. the two filed a permit application to host 25,000 people on the national mall right before the november elections. the national park service has yet to approve that application. violent storms took a big bite out of the big apple and the national weather service now confirms two tornadoes touched down thursday night in new york city. wind speeds hit 125 miles per hour. thousands of homes lost pow. more than 1,000 trees were deroyed and one person was killed when a tree fell on her car. the two twisters were only the ninth taent to hit new york city since 1950. you don't hear a lot about tornadoes getting a direct hit north or in a big city. >> absolutly true but they can hit. they hit a 50 states. they can happen literally anywhere. we always remain weather
9:21 am
vigilante. for us we got an easy weekendo deal with. the sun is out. it will be a great look saturday afternoon. if you got plans to get outside enjoy today or tomorrow you aren't going have any weather concerns whatsoever. let's take a check of it outside on your saturday morning. sunshin streaming down through a clear sky. there's ronald reagan washington national airport. beautiful way to get your weekend started. all those folks getting on airplanes, shame on them. this is the weekend to stay here in washington. current temperature now 63 degrees with all the sunshine out there. dew points have drifted back down to the upper 40s and low 50s. nice dry autumn air. humidity 60%. light northeterly breeze at 8 miles per hour. temperatures around th rest of the area now climbing in to throw 60s in many spots, winchester still 59, martinsburg 56, hagerstown 57. low 60s across the immediate
9:22 am
metropolitan area. 60s back out to our west and into e ohio valley where they had a cool start. here's the change in dew points, our dew points have dropped some ten to nearly 15 degrees in the last 24 hours. that that dry air continuing to work its way down the mid-atlantic as high pressure is in charge of our weather. keep us dry all weekend long. this weather frontwill bring us another chance for increased cloudiness late into the day tomorrow as that front comes on through. an limited amount of rainfall will go across parts of southern pennsylvania and west of the blue ridge and the appalachians, centr west virginia. around town no shot at a drop. for today, sunshine delightful. temperatures in the mid to high 70s. for next couple of days 79 today. 86 tomorrow. 80 degrees as we head in towards monday. tuesday 79. next little chae for rain coming into the washington area i don't think arrives until friday. now of course it's saturday. it's the fall.
9:23 am
college football forecast time. east carolina pirates going up to blacksburg to take on virginia tech. kickoff 1:30. temperature 75 degrees. terrapins are in morgantown, west virginia. 73. navy midshipman taking on louisiana tech. 7:00 kickoff. 95 degrees at 7:00 at night. kent state going into happy valy to take on the nittany lions who are trying recover from that yuck from alabama last week. kickoff is another noon. 66 degrees. the phoenix coming up to richmond to take on the spiders. kickoff is at noon. 81 degrees there. great matchup, nebraska out in seattle takinon the huskies of the university ofwashington, 3:30 kick here in the east. kickoff temperature 64 degrees with a chance of some rain showers, plenty more football foecasts comgp in just a little bit while. we didn't know they had scottish
9:24 am
accents in nebraska. >> yes, indeed. >> the rolli hills. it was an ugly start for the weekend for the nats. >> dan hellie has the highlights in this morning's "sports minute". >> reporter: good morning, washington. our "sports minute" begin with the nationals and all the good karma thnats brought with them from atlanta to philadelphia. that was gone by the end of the first inning. jason marise goes one-third of an inning. he allowed six earned runs and only records one out. the nationals fall in philadelphia 9-1 is the final. to high school football. a battle of a couple 2-0 teams. bowie and c.h. flowers. bowie took the lead first in the second. the quarterback throws the quick pass to a.j. henry and henry is gone. 75 yards and you can see with speed like that why he's going to the university of maryland. bowie goes up 7-0 and this one
9:25 am
goes to overtime tied at 10. c.h. forces thomas powers. flowers win it. they move to 3-0 on the season. inhe district, cardoza in black, campbell gets it out to john young. nice catch. reaks a tackle. breaks another. he is cruising into the end zone. a 95 yard catch and run. cardoza wins 34-18. that's your "sports minute." i'm dan hellie. everybody have a great weekend. thank you, dan. lindsay lohan could find herself back in jail. >> last night the actress tweeted that she failed a court ordered drug and alcohol test nope word on what substance tri terrified positive results. the juge threatened lohan with 30 days in jail for each violation probation. back in july the 4-year-old was sentencedto three months in jail and three months in rehab. it all stemmed from a probation violation from a drunk driving
9:26 am
case. lohan served two weeks in jail and 23 days in rehab. paris hilton is avoiding the slammer after getting arrested about three weeks ago for cocaine possession. instead sheill serve a year prove base after agree to a plea deal. she was arrested in las vegas after police say a tiny bag of cocaine fell outf her purse. hilton will pay about $2,000 in fines and serve 200 hours of community service but she's now on thin ice. officers say if she gets anything other than a minor traffic ticket while on probation she's going to jail for a year. evn more. 9:26. still to come two of the hostage from the standoff at the discovery channel headquarters break their silence. hear about their ordeal in their o words. a live look at the broken oil well in the gulf. could it being fixed for good by the time you head back to work
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good morning. welcome to "news4 today." i'm kimberly suiters. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. it is saturday, september 18, 2010. the news is just ahead. first a quick check on forecast. meteorologist chuck bell is here with us this morning. a little chill in the air this morning but it will get better? >> hint of autumn out there. no doubt about . september and october two of my favorite months because it feels nice cool mornings and a little sunshine out there. nice warm afternoon today. anything you like to do in the great outdoors mother nature h decided to cooperate with your outdoor plans as opposed to not cooperating. there's your look out over washington. there's the washington monument bathed in sunshine. great looking day out there. temperatures are delightfully cool to get your day started. if you're headed out for the morning run or jog, or take the dog down the mail box. 63 here in washington. 61 degrees, though as you get towar rockville, maryland 63
9:31 am
in quantico, virginia. waldorf and laplata low 60s. everybody warming up fast with a clear sky overhead and high pressure driving in a light northerly breeze. plenty of sunshine anything you want to do today no problems from the weather department. high up near 79 degrees today. sun doesn't go down until ten minutes after 7:00. mid-80s tomorrow fun like it on the warm side tomorrow is the better day. >> we'll check back in a little bit. >> okay. more now on that breaking news we brought you earlier, the woman who was shot and murder suicide attempt in prince william county hasdied. police say a man shot her before turning the gun on himself at a home in the 15700 block of widewater drive in montclair. he also died. two men held hostage inside the discovery building last month have unanimous credible story. a gunman james lee had
9:32 am
explosives strapped to him and had the men trapped in the lobby. pat collins talked to the men about their daring decision to run. >> see people inside don't come in here. i'll blow us all up. today is a good day-to-day. >> reporter: september 1. silver spring, the discovery company headquaers. a standoff that went on for nearly four hours. two employees and a security guard held by a suspect who rigged himself up like a human bomb. today jim mcnulty and chris wood talked about that frightening experience. s it was obvious he was there to die at his hands or the police's. he kept saying i don't care about these people. i don't care about these people. i'm here to do what i'm here to do. i don't care if they e or not. i'll kill them. >> reporter: after it appeared that negotiations with police were breaking down the hostages decided to make a move.
9:33 am
it came after whispered words and hand signals. the escape. >> iaw the guard making hand motions, which i didn't, i couldn't figure out, he was doing this on his arm. i saw legs, he held up a, what would be a pistol i couldn't figure that out. he was bending down a lot, moving himself around lot. by the time i got his attention i said run, i mouthed run and he shook hisead yes. >> christopher said run i nodded and christopher had his arms folded and he held down three fingers. >> stard counting down a ttle bit. put one finger down and i got nervous and the gunman was looking at me and in put it back up. i hesitated and i counted down again i went down to zero. i looked back up at jim, i looked back at the gunman and he was looking right at me and as soon as he looked down at the
9:34 am
phone i dropped my arms and took off running for the same door that i came in. it was -- >> reporter: once outside the building mcnulty and wood were instructed by police to lion the ground. this were handcuffed by police until it s determined whether they were friend or foe. >> never been in cuffs bfore. i didn't mind one bit. i knew i was safe and out of there. and just the sense of relief like oh, thank god it's over. >>eporter: these two men will not soon forget what happened at that discovery building on that september day. >> the more i think about it, the idea that my children could have lost their dad that day really, rlly made me pause because they are the most important thing in my life and i can't even imagine -- can't imagine that.
9:35 am
thank god i don't have to. >>reporter: i'm pat collins, "news4 today." >> two very brave men. >> jim mcnulty and chris wood say we they will go back to work eventually but not quite ready just yet. police released the 911 tapes from the shooting at johns hopkins university hospital where an arlington man shot his mother and turning the gun on shichl. callers provided critical information to police i a s.w.a.t. teams which helped them when they arrived at the scene. >> there's shooting in the hallway. we had a shooting on the floor. >> how many people have been shot. >> one person pap doctor. still in his mother's room. hs stl in hospital. >> there's a gun shooting. . how many shots did you hear? >> one. >> in the mean time dr. david
9:36 am
cohen is recovering after surgery for the gunshot wound. today bp should finish capping off an oil well that cause ad disaster in the gulf of mexico. that bottom kill process of cementing the well is schedule to end this afternoon. take a live look now at the spill site where this all started. the environmental damage continues to ling for those living along the coast. kristen dahlgren has the latest on the recovery efforts from venice, louisiana. >> reporter: 150 days after oil first flowed into the gulf the floof cement started in what has been a month's long effort to finally seal the well from the bottom up. the cement was pumped in throh the relief well and at some point today officials are expected to declare success and a permanent end to the well that brought millions of barrels of oil and heartache to an entire region. but while the well that first exploded april 20th may soon be killed, many here say they have
9:37 am
been dying a slow death r months. what was once a vibrant fishing community now getting by on a clean up effort and that oil still washes ashoreore than 25,000 gallons of it collected just this week in louisiana. >> just beginning for us. they may have the well capped but fors we have a long road ahead of us. we see oil come up every day. >> reporter: then this. a second mass of fish kill found. >> in my whole life i've never seen fish wash up on the beach. we have that no >> reporter: leavg folks here calling for more tests making sure the oxygen depletion that's killing them isn't caused by the oil or dispersant. while today's sealing of the well is a miltone here it's but one step. >> what i hope for now is that bp dsn't take off and split. that they stick around long enough for this to be cleaned up. >> reporter: in a region still facing a long road ahead.
9:38 am
bp could face billions of dollars in fines now and possibility of criminal prosecution. the company has said it will stay here through the cleanup but what it has not said is rule out tapping into that reservoir through another well. in venice, louisiana, kristen dahlgren, "news4 today." it's 9:38. you've seen her dine out with some of the area's top hletes and coaches. now lindsay czarniak has lunch with a basketball star some place a bit more familiar to her, hermom's kitchen. >> some call it washington's best deli. now historic lo
9:39 am
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9:41 am
you got pretty fxible plans this evening? check out some performs that will make your ham strings hurt. >> get it. >> the golden dragon acrobats
9:42 am
will be performing at wolf trap this evening. the popular troupe of traditional chinese acrobats will be performing an array of stunts. the show starts at 7:00 p.m. flexible plans, flexible acrobats. we've ot some grea writers. loeb's deli has been part of the d.c. downtown landscape for 15 years. >> regulars will have to walk further to bite into a chopped liver sandwich. yesterday loeb's closeled its doors at its current location on 15th street because the building its in is ndergoing renovation. they will eopen at the corner of 17th and i. but it brings a close to an era that called home for half a century. >> very bittersweet. the entire block was like that. a throw back to the' 50s where
9:43 am
you had a dry cleaner and barber shop. all independently owned businesses. you don't seep that i downtown any more. >> new location fr loeb's deli will open in december. i was also read regular views that people wrote in and some said it's the best deli in all of d.c. and some said they don't ven smile at you which makes it an you a ten thick new york deli. >> you walk in, people are reaming and demanding food. you feel you're like in times square. more college football forecast just on the her side of
9:44 am
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welcome back. chuck is here with a look at the sort of forecast that makes people smile, go outside and smile some more. no complaints for the weather department this fine saturday morning. that's welcod news. your weekend is finally here, everybody and the sunshine is out there and it's going to stick around for most if not all of your weekend. beautiful day outside today.
9:47 am
light winds are out of the north at five to ten miles per hour. that will continue to be case ere the flags are flapping a little bit in that nice northerly breeze. temperature now at national airport has made it up to 63 but so far now here in the move sepmber, the month is 6 degrees warmer than average and so far the third warmest september on record. still a little ways to go but looks like it will be another top ten finish. 57 in hagerstown. 63 in capital heighs. 62 degrees in la plata, maryland. 66 in southern maryland. beautiful day to be outside today. enjoy the good weather. temperatures in the 50s and 60s back up to our north. that's the air mass coming our way. another cool tonight. dew point temperatures that measures moisture in the atmosphere have been continuing to drop. dry air in place and clear sky overnight toniht wi be a delightfully cool start for tomorrow morning. high pressure is in charge. we get stay dry all weekend long. high pressure in charge for
9:48 am
today and for tomorrow. this next weather front is going to come through here about 6:00, 7:00 tomorrowevening. we'll pick up some extra clouds as it comes on by but i don't think it has enough moisture to work with. no rain in the forecast. sunshine tday and delightful. high temperaturesin thor 70s to near 80 degrees. your extended forecast 79 today. 86 tomorrow. a little bit cooler as we get into the early parts of next week but no threat for rainfall until probably friday of next week. so it's a long ways away. more college football. the bobcats from ohio university up at ohio state in columbus kickoff at noon 73 dgrees there. the minutemen of massachusetts are in michigan. a lot of ms. kickoff is at noon. 70 degrees with risk of shower. iowa to take on tucson. 92 degrees. battle of the tigers in auburn on the plain of alabama. 86 degrees at kickoff there.
9:49 am
and the falcons of the air force academy go to norman to take o my beloved sooners, 91 degrees the kickoff just like it was last week when i was out there. we need to be one point better because air force has the number one running attack in america. okay thanks for that sports weather forecast. >> that's what i'm here for. >> still ahead on "news4 today", putting the home in homecoming. >> lindsay czarniak
9:50 am
man: we need a sa. something i can stretch out on! woman: ooh... that will go with those lamps my mother gave us. or we could get some new lamps. or we could get no sofa. negotiating, eh? you got it! how about a nice home for our tv? how about doors to hide that drive-in theater? how about a cowhide rug? yee-haw! and the snacks? get their own place. let the marathon begin!
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how are you? >> good to see you. >>hi. >> whaare you make today? >> we are having fresh tomato basil soup. i hope you like that. chicken sandwiches, grilled
9:54 am
chicken sandwiches in teriyaki sauce. and key lime pie for dessert. >> do you like that? >> i'm in >> you got traded to dallas in february. and for you, i would imaginit was a good situation obviously, you go to a playoff contender. was it a fresh page for you, did you feel like in your career? what was it like when you got there? >> it was fun. getting the warm welcome. and going over wh guys i played with. >> deshn. at the same time, i understand it was business. but just leaving the city that i was so accustomed to. >> you moved so much in your career, this was the place you had been for five years, right? >> this is the place i called home. this is a place i consider truly home. >> the nba put a ban on your raw chewing? >> yeah. >> what happened? the last time you had lunch with me you demonstrated.
9:55 am
this was a big part of who you were on the court. >> that hurt me right there. going to dallas, at first, when we did the trade, the first nine out of 11 games was on television. and the crowd, the fans, everybody just was chewing straws. and i think it brought so much attention to the straw thing that, you know, e commissioner, he wasn't having it. you know, i don't want any kids out here chewing straws, they choke on them or something. i totally understand. you can chew the straw, just not while you're playing. that's cool, thas a great compromise. >> when you look back at the situaon from last season, and it started off you, antawn jamison, gbert arenas and everything falls out. you and anton end up leaving. when you look back on that, how shocking is that that that happened to you? and was that somethg that just kind of left your mind once you moved on.
9:56 am
or do you think back about it and think what could have been? >> it was a shock, but me and -- being a man before anything, i was just more concerned abo reaching out to gilbert, during his trying time, because that's -- that's a brother of ours, we thought was going through a lot. so, you know just looking at what he was going through, being traded and going to another team, still getting an opportunity to live your dream, u know, do something you love doing, that was like, that made that whole thing that much easier. guess who came to dinner? >> thank you for coming. it's great. a big treat for me. >> thank you. >> i hope you enjoyed your lunch. >> i did. >> come back any time, even if lindsay's not here. >> you're great.
9:57 am
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